Frogtown 2012 Results

Race #Race NameRace StatusResults Uploaded
01Mens Masters 1xOfficial 
03Womens Masters 1xOfficial 
05Womens HS 1st Varsity 8+Official 
06Womens HS 2nd Varsity 8+Official 
07Womens HS Novice 4+Official 
08Mens HS Novice 8+Official 
09Womens Open 2 Official 
10Womens Open Ltwt 4+Official 
11Mens Open 4+Official 
12Mens Masters 4+Official 
13Womens Masters 4+Official 
14Mens HS 1st Varsity 8+Official 
15Mens HS 2nd Varsity 8+Official 
17Womens Open 1xOfficial 
18Mens Open Ltwt 4+Official 
19Mens HS Ltwt 4+Official 
20Womens Open Novice 4+Official 
21Mens Open 2 Official 
22Womens Open 4xOfficial 
23Mixed HS 8+Official 
24Womens Open 8+Official 
25Mens Open Novice 8+Official 
26Mens HS Novice 4+Official 
31Womens HS Novice 8+Official 
32Womens Masters 8+Official 
33Mens HS 2xOfficial 
34Mens Open 2xOfficial 
35Mens Masters 2xOfficial 
36Mixed 2xOfficial 
37Womens HS Ltwt 8+Official 
38Mixed Masters 8+Official 
39Mens HS Varsity 4+Official 
40Mens HS Second Varsity 4+Official 
42Womens Open Novice 8+Official 
43Mens Open Novice 4+Official 
44Mens HS 1xOfficial 
45Mens Open 1xOfficial 
46Womens Open 4+Official 
47Womens HS Varsity 4+Official 
48Womens HS Second Varsity 4+Official 
49Mens Open 8+Official 
51Mens HS Ltwt 8+Official 
52Womens HS 2xOfficial 
53Mens Open 4xOfficial 
54Womens Masters 2xOfficial 
55Mixed Open 8+Official 
56Mixed HS 4+Official 
57Mixed Masters 4+Official 
58Mens Masters 8+Official 
59Womens HS Ltwt 4+Official 

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